About Brighter Basements

Why should you hire us to install your egress windows?


We have purposefully reengineered the egress window installation process to give you the highest quality basement egress windows and the best value for your money.

When you need basement egress windows, you need a professional. Brighter Basements specializes in basement egress window installation, and basement egress windows only. We’re not a window company, a basement remodeler or a handyman service. Egress window installation is all we do.

Our innovative approach and substantial investment in specialized equipment allows us to turn a messy, labor-intensive, expensive project into a neat, efficient, affordable job.Our team of 2-3 men is equipped with the best tools available. And many of our tools have been custom-designed for the sole purpose of installing basement windows. Our efficient process saves you valuable time and money while giving you the highest quality product and service available in Colorado.

At Brighter Basements, our primary concern is protecting the safety of your family while enhancing the value and comfort of your home.