What are the Top 10 Reasons Why Brighter Basements is The Best Choice?

brighter-basements-betterOne-day Install

How can we do it?

Because we designed and engineered a more efficient way.

  • Our patent-pending Exo-Frame System is state-of-the-art technology that ensures a precision fit.
  • We specialize in egress window installation. That’s all we do.

best egress window coloradoOwner-operated

Why is that important?

I am committed to you, as my customer, to deliver excellence. I will be hands-on, from beginning to end to ensure your complete satisfaction.

egress windows denverExo-frame

What’s so special about Exo-frame?

Designed and engineered by Brighter Basements for Brighter Basements, our patented Exo-frame is the answer to the industry’s most compelling problems. Precision cut from structural iron with welded corners; say goodbye to load-bearing or maintenance issues, moisture seepage and the need for exterior trim. Read More

brighter-basements-betterSpecialized Windows

Specifically designed for thick basement wall installation, we offer windows in several styles and sizes. Our in-swing casement and European Tilt & Turn styles are the most popular due to increased functionality and safety. We purchase by the pallet and pass the savings on to you.

warranty for best egress window colorado10-year warranty

Our warranty is unheard of in the industry. But we believe so strongly in our product (our Exo-frame system is proprietary) and our workmanship (we are specialists) that we’ve offered a 10-year warranty from day one. You deserve no less. Call for warranty details.

brighter-basements-betterWe don’t bury—we carry

Most egress window companies bury the concrete wall section under the window well. We don’t. We haul it away to promote good drainage—and better yet, we recycle it.

brighter-basements-betterWe don’t use sub-contractors or day laborers

We are proud to have the best employees in the industry working for us. Be assured your egress window installation will be performed by a team that represents Brighter Basements with company pride.

brighter-basements-betterWe own our equipment

Does that matter?

Absolutely. We’re heavily invested in our company because we do the job right and we do it safe. That means using the best equipment, and in some cases, designing and engineering equipment to meet our specifications. You won’t find us waiting around for sub-contractors to excavate or wasting time with rental equipment that isn’t working.


Green, Green, Green

You won’t find us dumping excavated soil or concrete in the landfill. We recycle all waste.


Literally hundreds of them. Satisfied customers up and down the Front Range from Laramie, WY to Cannon City, CO. You may be surprised how pleased your neighbors are. We don’t subscribe to paid endorsements. What you hear about us are honest word-of-mouth testimonials.

best installation process for egress window colorado

 We look forward to bringing safety and sunshine to your basement living area.